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raevi10's Info

Hi! Im Max, I am a full-time freelance digital artist that most often caters to the furry community.In order for me to continue doing what I do I require a lot of support. If you wish to support me and my work consider joining my Patreon or giving me a tip!Be sure to remember Im only human. My opinions are my own, and im always learning new stuff! Treat me kind and I'll do the same for you. Have a wonderful day!

Current commission status: Limited Openings
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Commission information

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If you've commissioned me and you're happy with what you've received, consider giving me a tip!
Or if you would like to just give me a little extra support that is also super appreciated!
All tips are very appreciated and mean the world to me! Thank you in advance
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If I'm not open when you contact me I can contact you when I open my commissions again!
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Do not be afraid to contact me if you have any comments questions or concerns!
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Please be sure to read my TOS before considering commissioning me!
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My Terms of Service

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I WILL drawI WONT draw
Furries (Anthro / Feral)Racist /Anti LGBTQ
HumansFeral NSFW
Pets / AnimalsPedophile
Objects / Plants focalZoophile
Pokemon / Similar ocsCertin kinks (Listed in NSFW TOS)
Gore / Weapons / Mechs 

If there is anything not listed above you would like to know if I would draw it, just ask! So long as its not illegal, I'm probably ok.─── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ───

⋆ You will receive the following checkpoints (if applicable): 1 sketch update, 1 line art update, 1 flat color update, and 1 shading update.
⋆ Please tell me at Each Checkpoint if there's something to fix, because once I move on I will NOT make changes. (EX: You notice something wrong with the line art in the coloring phase it's too late to be changed.)
48 hours after payment is accepted there will be no refunds.
⋆ Payment must be given up front and in full, I accept Paypal, Venmo, and Cashapp.
⋆ When sending money please write in the note what you're paying for and how much it costs. (Ex: "5$ commission")
⋆ Please use a goods and services option if available.
If you choose to want to send a tip please it through kofi! Link is available.
⋆ I reserve the right to end a commission agreement for any reason I see fit.
⋆ I will happily draw over game or movie scenes, memes, etc!
⋆ I will happily draw over actual photos of you.
⋆ I will not explicitly draw over another artists work, so do not ask.
⋆ I'm more then willing to try and draw niche interests (such as age regression, object vore, etc.) Just ask! (NOTHING illegal.)
⋆ I am able to draw any species if given enough time (this includes humans.)
⋆ I am willing to alter my art styles to fit a more specific style (Like rubber-hose!)
If you have an idea for a commission, but you don't see anything similar on my commission sheets or TOS, just ask!
Please do not put my art into any sort of art AI!
⋆ You are not to draw over, recolor, or trace anything I create (using my art for posing reference is fine!)
⋆ You are free to use art I make for personal use only.
⋆ If you would like to make merch using my work please speak to me first! As I will require compensation.
⋆ I retain all commercial rights for my art and any derivative pieces that may come up unless otherwise spoken about
⋆ I do not have a specific turn around time, but I will normally complete a commission in a few weeks at most unless something comes up, I will always be there to answer any questions you may have.
⋆ I do not have a set or specific queue order, I do not always prioritize who commissions me first, I work on what inspires me the most at the time to offer the best product possible.
By commissioning me you agree to and are legally bound by my terms of service.
Moonsnap specific: In agreeing to commission me for a Moonsnap card, you agree to the sale of the card with the art on it, you will be credited as the owner of the character on the card, the art belongs to me. The official rule document also will state that characters designs featured on fursona cards are not to be copied, and belong to their respective owners.

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I do offer NSFW commissions, so if you are under the age of 18 or your are uninterested in NSFW content please stop scrolling.
For anyone who does not know, NSFW means 'not safe for work'. It is a warning most often used for adult or sexual content.
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My NSFW Terms of Service

Notice: All of my normal TOS applies to NSFW, below are just additional terms.⋆ NSFW commissions require proof of age (photo of ID with DOB and photo visible, and a selfie)
⋆ I am ok with most kinks so just ask! (I will not draw loli, shota, cub, diapers, smegma, scat or anything similar)
⋆ I am willing to do photo draw overs!
⋆ I am ok with referencing actual photos of people, toys, objects, poses, piercings, etc.
⋆ Im more then willing to try an draw niche interests (such as vore), Just ask!

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If you are interested in commissioning me for a NSFW piece and would like to see some examples, please contact me with proof of age or alternatively go to the socials tab.Please do not look at my NSFW content if you are under the age of 18!

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Social media and contact info!

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You can find me just about anywhere under my alias 'raevi10' but here is a list of all of the places I have an online presence and what content (SFW, NSFW, or both) can be found there!
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Discord is the easiest and fastest way to contact me.
Username: raevi10
My Discord server:

-The Cult of Flora is a themed server dedicated to me and my work!─── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ───
The places listed below are SFW only!

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Please note, the places listed below have my SFW and NSFW content (NSFW content is behind a filter, but it is still on the site)

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Please note, the places below showcase my NSFW content ONLY, please only proceed if you are over the age of 18!

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If for some reason you feel the need to email me, you can! However I cannot promise that my response time will be quick [email protected]

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A huge thank you to all of my current (and past) patrons for supporting me! It means so much that people would support my work, and I value each and every one of you!
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About Patreon

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What is Patreon? Patreon is a way for you to support me by a monthly payment! My Patreon has multiple tiers, each tier costs a different amount and has different perks! Like commission discounts, Monthly raffles, and more! (Depending on the tier!)
If you would like to support me that way please click the link below!
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Another way to support me is to leave a tip!
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HEADS UP! Since I create NSFW content my Patreon has an 'adult content' warning.
You wont see anything by clicking the link, only if you subscribe to a tier with NSFW benefits. So please be sure to read each tier!
If you join a tier with NSFW benefits you will be asked to age verify.
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